Master Teacher Dan Ogilvy created Classroom Consigliere in 2014. Dan is a teacher leader, coach and mentor based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dan’s primary life goal and objective is to spend as much time with his family as he possibly can. The more productive, efficient, and effective Dan is during the school day, the more time he can spend with the wife that is way too good for him and their two crazy monsters. How do you want to spend the extra time that Dan can help create for you?  A new hobby?  Leisure activities?  Traveling?

Dan is a voracious reader. Dan researches, studies, and follows optimal performers in a wide range of fields.  Dan’s vision for Classroom Consigliere is to deconstruct the habits of these high performing people and looks to transfer and construct new habits, skills, and knowledge to be more productive in the classroom every day. We want to become our most productive, efficient, effective and optimal self.  Dan does that, he gets to spend more time with his family.  Classroom Consigliere is his vehicle.  Many teachers have put these thoughts to use already!

How can Dan help you be more productive? Have you tried any of the resources? Take a gander in the store. Do you have a time saver you need help with? Drop us an email and Dan will create something that will help you attain that personal goal outside your daily classroom schedule. Let Dan do the work for you.  Dan’s tinkering and creating notes are journaled about each week.  Join the email newsletter to get new ideas that you can use right away as well!