Our Products

We offer a variety of products through our TPT store including Teacher Evaluation Planning and Reflection framework, lesson plans, rubrics, mastery based checklists, and resources for the Early Learning Assessment.  Please let us know how they work for you!

The System

This is our “flagship” product.  We have aligned our teaching and planning to the System to assure all components of our teacher evaluation system are met.  This is a must see product!

Lesson Plans

This lesson plan assures all components and Domains are completed during a week for Early Childhood students.  It is very comprehensive and includes level questions and differentiation strategies.

In Depth Early Childhood Lesson Plan for the Entire Week

Early Childhood Mastery Based Checklists

These checklists span PreK – through Second Grade to show student growth over multiple years.  These documents can be shared amongst teachers or can be used in a family plan setting.

Measurement and Data Checklist

Mastery based Geometry Checklist

Mastery based Operations and Algebraic Thinking Checklist

Mastery based Counting and Cardinality Checklist

Mastery based Numbers and Base Ten Operations Checklist

Early Learning Assessment Resources

These documents are offered in two ways.  First, as a whole group document sorted by each skill, knowledge, or behavior.  The second resource is an individual resource for each child and has all of the skills, knowledge, and behaviors listed for one child.

Social Foundations (Whole Class)

Social Foundations (Individual)

Mathematics (Whole Class)

Mathematics (Individual)

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development (Whole Class)

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development (Individual)

Language and Literacy (Whole Class)

Language and Literacy (Individual)


Please continue to check back often.  We add new products every week!