About Us

Our Mission: We support hard-working educators to feel at ease about their teaching by providing systematic advising in the areas of productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.


Life long tinkerer and innovator, Dan Ogilvy, constructed Classroom Consigliere in November of 2014. Dan is a Master Teacher, Mentor, and Teacher Leader in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Being an educator in the 21st century is one of the most challenging and rewarding professions that anyone can pursue. Amidst perpetually changing legislation and requirements, our sole purpose is to enlighten and prepare our students for the dynamic world that they will one day become a part of. But our focus is increasingly being pulled away from the students and towards the bureaucracy of standards, evaluations, and review. What is needed is a place for clarity. Which is why we will be your….


Created by teachers in the fall of 2014, this space will be a resource of professional aid for educators…..

Chief Educational Advisor

*Master Teacher
*PEAC Teacher (Promoting Educator Advancement in Cleveland)
*PAR Advisor (Peer Assistance and Review)
*Resident Educator Mentor
*Ohio Teacher Evaluation System Credentialed Evaluator
*Teacher Leader Endorsement
*Content Learning Team Leader